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Dr. John R. Rifkin's Biography

Dr. Rifkin is a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Boulder, Colorado

He has more than two decades of private practice experience

He is an honored recipient of the Colorado Psychological Association's President's Special Award for Service

Dr. Rifkin served as the Chair of the Committee on Professional Practice for the Colorado Psychological Association

Dr. Rifkin served on the Association's Board of Directors.

Dr. Rifkin lectures on a wide variety of mental health topics, including issues relating to anger, power, and intimacy.

He is featured in a series of educational videos that focus on mental health issues, including ANGER'S POWER TO HEAL: RELATIONSHIPS.

He hosted the mental health outreach television show "Emotional Success" on cable in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. These videos are available in the store to purchase.

Dr. Rifkin just completed his first book, the Healing Power of Anger, available for sale in our store front.



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