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Praise for The Healing Power of Anger
The Unexpected Path to Love & Fulfillment


"Dr. Rifkin's groundbreaking book guides readers along a clear pathway to emotional health. His original insights into anger's power to energize the healing process provide a way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of psychotherapy. When anger is bent into destructiveness, he shows how to unbend it into mental health. Every patient, person considering therapy or therapist can benefit from his clarity, insights and clear steps to emotional health."

- Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D. President of the Boulder Psychotherapists Guild and the Chair of the Board of the Colorado Patient Advocates

  "John Rifkin, a gifted psychotherapist, tells us how we can lead happier lives not by stifling our anger but rather by using it constructively. In his straight forward, down-to-earth style, he shares with us easy-to-learn techniques for achieving greater emotional well-being."

- Evelyn Bassoff, Ph.D. author of: "Mothers and Daughters: Loving and Letting Go," "Mothering Ourselves: Help and Healing for Adult Daughters," "Between Mothers and Sons: The Making of Vital and Loving Men," and "Cherishing Our Daughters: How Parents Can Raise Girls to Become Confident Women."  

"This excellent book is full of pearls and good advice for people with common psychological problems. Dr. Rifkin's extensive experience and wisdom shine through these pages, which are easily accessible to anyone who wishes a little more information and help coping with the miseries that afflict so many of us."  

- Steven L. Dubovsky, M.D. Professor and Chair Department of Psychiatry University at Buffalo Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Medicine University of Colorado

  "Drawing on 29 years of clinical experience, John Rifkin explains the multifaceted role of anger in a number of diffent life problems, ranging from difficulties in emotional intimacy to post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder and addictions. He explains in a logical, understandable way how anger develops, what childhood experiences play a role in creating it, and, most importantly, how to go through the healing process inside and outside of psychotherapy. His approach is both insight and skill based. The reader will find his case studies illustrative and useful."

- David J. MiKlowitz, Ph.D. Professor and Director of Clinical Training, Dept. of Psychology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill , Professor of Psychology, University of Colorado at Boulder , author of: "The Bipolar Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know," "Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Parents and Families" and "Bipolar Disorder: A Family Focused Treatment Approach"  

Your insight into anger and how it affects people amazes me, and I am seeing my anger in an entirely different light. I can count on one hand how many times in my life that I have "blown up" and unloaded my anger on someone. Afterwards I always felt badly about my "fit", because it always seemed that the situation should not have made me as angry as it did. The level of my anger did not match the degree of the offense. I could never understand it, except I thought maybe it was because I had kept my anger bottled up for so long that when I was pushed over the edge, I would explode. I was taught at a young age not to express my feelings, especially anger. That resulted in a life long struggle with depression. I knew someone said that depression is anger turned inward, and I could accept that. I was so angry with myself for letting the abuse happen. I just did not know what to do with all the anger that simmered just below the surface of my mind. Your book is helping me understand anger, and how to use it as a tool to get emotionally healthy. I have always believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Thank you for appearing! - Reader

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